November 9th, 2004

California bear

Rambling about names...

Yesterday, I played on the computer all day long and managed to do absolutely nothing. I didn't accomplish anything. It took me the entire day to write one entry, and the bulk of that was a poll asking if Paris Hilton was an alien, cyborg, or an alien-cyborg. So far, alien-cyborg is winning.

I also watched figure skating (the Canadian Open) on ESPN. That's actually the first time I have ever watched ESPN. I get really nervous watching the pairs skaters, especially after what happened to that one girl in Pittsburgh.

Today my teacher called and canceled class for tonight. I'm free!

Tomorrow, I am planning on getting all of my homework done. Not just the stuff that is due really soon, but EVERYTHING! We'll see how that goes.

I'm sad because my brother spilled mustard on my favorite Alice in Chains shirt.

Gilmore Girls tonight! Actually, I'm not that excited for it. I'm more excited for Veronica Mars. Hey, I know someone named Veronica. But her last name isn't Mars. Personally -- meaning no offense to anyone named Veronica -- I think it is sort of a slut name. Like Jenni or Lacie or Tiffany. Again, no offense intended to anyone. Truthfully, my name is sort of a snob name. At least that's what my sister tells me. She says that her name -- Kristine -- is also a snob name. I'm not really sure about that.

What do you think? Are there "slut names" and "snob names"? Can names be stereotyped? Methinks this deserves its very own poll.

Can names be stereotyped?

Totally no!
I guess they can, although some people don't fit into their respective "categories"
Kim, you're insane.

Give me a couple of snob names. Relax, you have lots of room to write.

Give me a couple of slut names. Boy and girl.

What category would you place your own name in, if you were forced to choose? (Not necessarily between "snob" and "slut" but other categories as well.)

Have you ever thought a name was a really cool name until someone really lame came around and totally spoiled that name for you? Go ahead, let me know about it.

What's the worst name attached to the best person that you have met?

Be honest! "Kim" is which type of name?

A snob name.
A slut name.
An annoying name.
A great name.
I don't believe in stereotyping names/None of these names are the stereotype for "Kim"