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Totally random.
How do you unfriend someone who is crossed out? Does anyone know?

For your amusement, and my own personal reference, I bring you the following real life conversation between my sisters and me.

Kristine and I were talking about her senior trip; she is going to travel all the way from San Diego to the top of California to visit the redwoods.

KELLIE: If you're going to go all that way, you really should just go up through Oregon and into Washington. That way you can visit the White House!

{KRISTINE and I are laughing uncontrollably}

KELLIE: Stop laughing, you guys! I'm not stupid!

{More laughter}

KELLIE: I know that Washington is above Oregon! I'm not stupid!

KIM: You do know that the White House isn't in Washington state, right?

KELLIE: The White House is in Washington.

KRISTINE: Washington DC!

KELLIE: That's not in Washington?

KIM: You did take government, didn't you?

KELLIE: Yeah, but I must have missed that day. I'm sure they didn't spend an entire week telling you where the White House is!

KRISTINE: Isn't that common knowledge?

KELLIE: I think it's really lame that there are two Washingtons, you guys.

And, I'm not making that up. It, for real, happened like that.

My family is going out of town to visit some relatives in Utah. I'm trying to make it so we leave on Monday, but I'm getting fierce opposition from my mom who wants to leave on Saturday. I don't know why, but I just don't want to be away for that long. Plus, we are going to be celebrating my favorite holiday away from my home, and away from things that are familiar to me. And, it's in Utah, so it's really cold. They might even have snow and ice! Can you blame me for wanting to stay where there is no snow or ice for as long as I possibly can?

I am also not sure about this Friday. I think that basically my only way to come to Burbank is for my friend Dave to drive me, but that is looking bleak based on the fact he has to work on Friday. I'm trying to be convincing and telling him that calling in sick would be in his best interests, but who knows what will happen. I will be very sad if I don't get the chance to meet trjeannette. I'm doing everything in my power, believe me.

I got back another paper from my English class. 3.9/4.0. I am beginning to think that my writing skills are invincible. Well, at least when it comes to "scholarly" writing.

Back in college in Arizona, I totally used to make up my own sources for papers. I knew the teachers would never be able to check each and every source of each and every student. I wanted to make a point, I needed support so I fudged a little bit. I even made up book names, publisher names, everything. I never once got caught.

My making up sources days are over, though. If I had gotten caught I probably could have been in a lot of trouble. When you think about it, though, making up sources is kind of the opposite of plagiarism.

How come there wasn't a new Veronica Mars this week? What was up with the "Vibe" awards?

I would love to talk TV, but I'm all out of words right now. I'll check back in later.

I briefly want to give a shoutout to one of my bestest buddies ddh who is being brave and venturing other countries. I hope France is going good for him.