November 20th, 2004


Provisionally Accepted

Hey, we haven't left yet, but I do have some good news.

I have been accepted at Cal State San Marcos for spring 2005! I also got financial aid, so it looks like I am going to be a real-life college student! You know, as opposed to the fake-life college student I was before in the "loser-ish" community college.

Next semester is going to be so fun! Well, I hope so. Cal State San Marcos has a really multilevel campus, physically -- with lots of stairs and elevators. Elevators, of course, are not conveniently located exactly where the stairs are. I have had really good experiences before at my school here with people volunteering to help, so I'm hoping that it will be the same when I go to Cal State.

The only thing I'm really fearing is that I don't really have an attendant starting in January. My helper girl now, Dawn, is pregnant and she is due in February so she is quitting at the end of December. I will probably have to find someone new, which I am both happy and anxious about. I'm happy because I will be able to do things differently. I'm anxious because -- new person, will I be able to find one in time, and will I like them?!

The other day at Wal-Mart, to abruptly change to a different subject without a segue, I saw the most horrible sign ever. It was hanging in plain view and the text on it read as follows: "We believe good, works." What!? Why!? It was the most blatant abuse of a comma I have seen posted in a public area in my entire life. Wal-Mart, who do you have proofreading these signs? How could this have happened? Whatever. If they want to completely abuse the English language perpetuating bad grammar techniques to all of White Trash America, who am I to complain? Okay, I was just joking. I totally need to complain. I'm thinking about contacting corporate.

Oh yeah, speaking of complaining, remember awhile back when I was complaining about that really mean girl at the disabled student services office? Well, the next time I came in to get something done she wasn't there. When I inquired about her, I found out that she had been transferred to the other campus. Yes! My letter probably got her transferred to the other campus so I would not have to deal with her horrible people skills. Ha!

After Star Wars Episode III comes out on DVD, I am going to make a totally awesome Anakin Skywalker vid chronicling his descent to the dark side, and his eventual redemption set to Garbage's "When I Grow Up." It is going to include footage from all six movies. So, I called it! No one else snurch my totally awesome idea, K?

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a good time at Burbank. I'm really sad I had to miss it.