November 30th, 2004


I'm back!

Hey, I am back in California! We arrived here last night at around 11 o'clock.

Being away from California for so long just makes me realize how much I love it here. *hugs California* It also, unfortunately, makes me realize how much of a snob I am. For real, before moving here none of the stuff that annoyed me about Utah would have annoyed me. Well, maybe the cold weather, but that wasn't even too terrible.

I wrote while I was there, and I will be posting that report as soon as I can access it.

I have also been gone since the 22nd, so if anything important has happened, please let me know. I got to skip=80 before I was too bored/lazy to continue.

I should be doing English homework right now for my class tonight. I am SO tired. The trip was fun, but kind of long. I'm glad that I went, though.