December 13th, 2004


Good news!

So, I am officially done with community college classes! Yay! I took my history final this morning totally online, and was very happy only to have missed one multiple choice question. I am really happy about one of my essays, and it looks like a pretty much predetermined fact that I am going to get an A in the class, so yay!

Also, some good news for Veronica Mars fans. Guess which show was named the best low rated show? Here is a link and excerpt to the article:
I'm giddy at being able announce that the winner of our first annual Watch It, Already! award--honoring the best show people are (stupidly) not watching--is none other than (drumroll please)...UPN's Veronica Mars!

Two words: Woo-woo!

So, that's good news. Now that school is over I can concentrate on my Christmas list. No, not for me, but for the other people on it. It's funny how you don't realize how many friends you have until this time of year. Seriously.

I should have a compiled list of addresses on my computer, but I don't. I have to gather them every single time. Well, that's going to stop this year! I am going to put them on my computer in a nice secure place, one I won't forget, that way I can use them next year as well!

I wish I had something more exciting to say. Have you all watched my love video? [Windows media player format, 20MB]

Also, I am going to be doing a lot of concentrating on my new online magazine. My goal is to have it up before classes start up again. Also, if you contribute, you can get into comic con for free as a journalist. So, if you ever want to write an article for me, please let me know. Also, I'm looking into the business end of things, and it looks like I might be able to actually pay people to write. Not that much money, but that's kind of cool, right?