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Christmas fun with songs!
California bear
In the cut are some pretty awesome Christmas songs; some of which you probably have never heard. I'm calling it "politically incorrect" because there are some songs in there that are... not... so... politically correct. Like the one about "White Trash Christmas." And the one about foreigners. For the record, I love everyone... except bigots. I hate them! But, please enjoy some Christmas fun. Even if you aren't the Christmas type, I'm sure that you will enjoy at least one of the songs.

Kim's Politically Incorrect ChristmasCollapse )
To download all songs in MP3 format along with the official list, right-click and save here. The file is zipped and about 64MB. Oh yeah, the coolest thing about this mix is that even though it is 28 songs long, it'll still fit on a CD. Righteous!
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Stupid stupidity... and other random things
So, remember how I said I was completely done with community college classes forever? Turns out, I'm not. OK, I am definitely transferring to Cal State San Marcos where I will definitely be taking classes starting spring 2005, but my community college tells me because I don't have -- get this -- a PE credit, I can't graduate from there. At first, I thought it was completely ludicrous, given that I really can't participate in physical education. Then they tell me that, "There's other classes you can take." Like nutrition and health science, and the history of dance. Which is great, but it would have been even better if they would have told me this the, I don't know, three times I was sitting in their counseling office talking about which classes I needed to take in order to GRADUATE.

So, you won't graduate with a crappy associate's degree, Kim. What's the big deal?

That's a great question! The deal is that I have been going to community college since before I even graduated from high school (1995) and I want my freaking ceremony. I want to get a piece of paper congratulating me for enduring the... nine years of crap I had to go through. I also want the prizes and money my relatives will send when I send out my graduation announcements. So, I'm taking a stupid health science class online next semester along with my full schedule of University classes. Oh yeah, Shh! Don't tell my parents. I don't want them to get pissed off at the school again.

In related news, I will be sending a letter to the dean of counseling and to the president of the college expressing my outrage. That will make me feel a lot better. You know, it's funny how much that will make me feel better.

In other semi-bad news, my credit card was stolen and about $300 worth of purchases were made on it. No, I don't know who did it. But I did get this thing called the "claim" and they are sending me a new credit card. But the worst part is is that I can't shop until I get that freaking plastic thing. Also, my LJ paid account is expiring in a little less than two days, and if my card doesn't come in time I'm going to lose all of my extra icons. Boo! *growls* Oh yeah, don't tell my parents about that, either. They know about the credit card being stolen, but they don't know about the $300. I would be scared of them finding out, but I know they don't read this journal.

In other sad news, my best friend Cecilia didn't get into her number one college -- BYU. It is very sad for her, but happy for me, because that means she's going to be moving back here where I could actually hang out with her again. I tried my hardest to be empathic, but I couldn't hide my happiness. I know that kind of makes me a horrible person, but I'm OK with that. I love myself! Erm... sorry, sometimes that kind of thing just gets shouted out at random times.

School doesn't start again until the 20th! I have one month to do whatever I want! That rocks! Wow. I really liked how I ended on a happy note. The glass is half-full!