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(no subject)
So, this morning I opened up my inbox to find out that two people have generously gifted me with more paid LJ time. So, thank you so much anonymous person and juliedarling! That really was incredibly nice of you both! I don't have to worry about paid LJ until April now. Yay!

Well, because of my credit card being stolen and not having a new one yet, I have been unable to renew one of my servers (tancid.com) and I come to find out today that there is nothing there anymore. I'm going to call them up and make them give me back my space. There is nothing more fun than yelling at strangers, right? Well, Disneyland comes in at a close second. :-)

I'm also trying to revamp my personal web site. I've been giving out business cards to people, and it has my site on them. I figured it would be great if it was more updated. I think the last time I really updated was August of 2003. How embarrassing!

Also, something interesting happened to me last night! Because of some stupid Windows automatic update, my computer rebooted in the middle of the night. How cool, huh? Except for, not really. I wake up in the night sometimes, and I always have these book MP3s playing on my computer so that I can listen to them and go back to sleep. But because of the reboot... silence when I woke up, making it extremely difficult for me to fall asleep again.

The other night I watched The Legend of Earthsea, which was reasonably decent even with KK. Shawn Ashmore really looked like Merry from Lord of the Rings with his hair, though. Hehe. This series kind of reminded me of Merlin, but probably because Isabella Rossellini was in that one, too. Anyway, it was not a bad way to kill four hours.

Last night I watched Ghost Hunters, Scare Tactics, & Proof Positive. The first one was a little freaky, the second was just plain mean, and the third one was interesting. Did you know that twins really do have a psychic link?

I also watched an episode of Kim Possible. Embarrassment ninjas! That show is genius!