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(no subject)
California bear
Since I was shamefully watching the evil sci-fi Channel yesterday night (by myself) and couldn't fast forward through commercials, I actually got to see some. I have to say that my favorite has to be this one prescription drug commercial. Let me paint a picture for you:

[Happy old woman helps children cross the street]

Happy old woman voiceover: It's days like these when I look forward to getting to work.

Announcer voiceover: Ask your doctor if acumex is right for you!

And, that's it. Oh yeah, the drug might not have been called acumex. It was something like that, though. So, what are we supposed to gather from the commercial? What did the drug actually do? Is it a drug for older people? Is it an antidepressant? Is it a prescription sunblock? Is it an antianxiety drug? What!? Why would you want to ask your doctor about it? Do you really want a job as a crosswalk-er? I really sort of hate that commercial because now I really want to know what acumex does. I won't be asking my doctor, but I'll be thinking about asking my doctor, and that is just as bad.

And now, a poll, made possible by the three good fairies who gave me paid LJ time. (Thanks again.)

Based on the description of this commercial, you believe that acumex:

Is for arthritis.
Cures cancer.
Is clearly an antidepressant.
Is a drug for the antisocial.
Is a prescription sunblock.

Hypothetically, you would want to ask your doctor about this medicine if:

You had bad arthritis.
You were recently diagnosed with cancer.
You found yourself really depressed.
You really wanted a job as a crosswalk-er.
You were really curious about what this drug actually does.