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Annoyances and weird dreams.
I found out yesterday that for some reason my tancid.com account's files were completely gone. My account had been suspended for, at most, two days, and when I called and made my account current, I was assured that my files were still online. They were online for probably a day, and then completely gone. I called tech-support, and talked to them for a long time. Then, I get the following e-mail:

Dear Kim,

Thank you for contacting iPowerWeb Technical Support.

You old account on host31 was deleted after 9 day period that your account was unpaid. At this point we can check to see if we have a backup of your account and restore for you at a cost of $50. Please let us know how you'd like to proceed.

iPowerweb Support Team

I respond to them with the following:

Alex W.,

I would like to proceed in the following way: you find my files, restore them to the way they were, and do not charge me for this because it was NOT my mistake, but yours. My account was not suspended for more than two or three days. I received an e-mail from T. Stiles on 12/13/2004 warning me that my account would be suspended if I did not submit payment. I called on 12/16/2004 2:36 PM to resolve this issue. At this point, my account was only off-line for ONE day. At this time, I was assured that my files would be restored exactly as they had been. Stiles, the person I was resolving this with, told me that unless my account had been suspended for more than 30 days, my files would be perfectly fine. The next day, 12/17/2004 I received an e-mail telling me that my account was unsuspended, and my files should be online. Upon inspecting this claim, I found out that my files were indeed restored. My account was unsuspended, and my files were online.

Monday, 12/20/2004, I found out that my files were off-line for some unexplained reason. I immediately called tech-support and was on the phone for more than an hour trying to find out what went wrong. Because at the time that my account was "deleted" my account was in good standing, it is not my fault that the files are missing because of the "suspension." Please fix this ASAP, or I will be contacting the people in charge of IPowerWeb and complaining. If that does not do any good, you can rest assured that I will be pursuing legal action.

The files that were online are very important, not only to me, but also to the people that I provide hosting services for. You are not only putting me out, but them as well. And because of this unexplained deletion, I am receiving heat from them, which really angers me. I would appreciate it if you solved this issue immediately, and without hesitation.

Thank you,
Kim Anderson

I'm really upset because I have never had any problems with this company before. They have been... completely awesome in every way. I'm just hoping that this gets resolved. I was surprised that they actually asked me to pay more money to them. ::shakes head in disbelief::

Last night, I had a dream about Lost. I was on the island for some reason, and there was a lot of detail, but I can't remember it all. I do remember finding out what the "monster" in the forest was. It was a giant purple brontosaurus. It would chase you, and these weird waves of energy flowed off of it in the form of what looked like pink lipstick kisses that were all glowy. The weird thing was when the dinosaur would chase you, you definitely did not want to get caught by the glowy lipstick kiss things, but once trapped by them, all you wanted was more of it. I have a weird mind. This was even weirder than my Michael Jackson/Billy Dee Williams dream.

I had that dream the other week. In that dream, I was a journalist working at some type of convention. Michael Jackson was performing, and although it was definitely Michael Jackson, he looked a lot like Eddie Murphy. Michael was wearing these very small black leather Nike shoes, which he took off and threw to the audience. I caught one, and because of this, was permitted to have an interview with him. Then, I go backstage to do my interview.

Suddenly, it's the next scene in my dream. I had already interviewed Michael, but, for some reason, I don't remember anything about that. My sister was with me in the next scene saying how nice it was of Michael to let us keep his shoes. Then, we are going into the next small room so we can interview someone really famous. We go into the room through the front door, and Billy Dee Williams comes through this other side door. Kristine was like, "Hey, it's Michael Jackson!"

"No," I corrected her, "it's Billy Dee Williams -- you know, Lando Calrissian!" And, don't ask me why, but he was actually wearing a blue cape like Lando would have, and of course, that seemed perfectly normal. Then, I was like, "Billy, Billy Dee, Billy, Billy Dee, Billy, Billy Dee..." and then I asked him what his friends called him. He said he couldn't tell me because I was a reporter and would tell everyone, but I assured him that it would only be between us. Then, he said he would tell me if I kissed him. So, I did, and then I woke up. I never got to find out if it was "Billy" or "Billy Dee."

So, other than having really weird dreams, I have been pretty good. Just hanging around for the most part. I am also helping this kid from my English class make a video for his girlfriend for Christmas. That's pretty cool.