December 24th, 2004



Hey, my server issues were finally solved. I'm so glad, because I love this company (iPowerWeb) a lot, and I didn't want to feel mad at them. So, that's good!

My Christmas shopping is complete, but I didn't send out cards (yet). I will be doing my mailing next week for sure. I will send out some happy new year's cards.

Speaking of cards, big think you to juliedarling for her card, and to sprightliness for the CDs which got here probably more than a week ago. So sweet! And, a gigantic thank you again to the two anonymous givers of paid LJ time. It meant a lot!

I'm excited because my sister keriann and my best friend chechibean get home today! I'm so excited! It's been too long!

Kristine and I are working on this video we have been in progress on for over six months. Right now, we only have about five seconds left to edit. That should be really cool. The video is completely awesome, if I do say so in my, you know, totally biased way. But, for real, it is.

"Exciting" seems to be my favorite word these days. I can't have a conversation without saying it at least three times. Anyway, I'm happy about Christmas. Mostly, I'm happy about things returning to normal again. Maybe I will watch a Christmas episode of Roswell to get myself more in the Christmas spirit. Hee.

Merry Christmas to everyone!