February 4th, 2005


Raising Arizona, The OC

Hey, if you want to read a really sad true story about my high school life, please click here. Man, those blissful high school days.

I got really sick on Wednesday night, and I am still recovering.

I also borrowed Raising Arizona from my school library and watched it yesterday. I thought it was amusing, but I was a little disappointed. OK, so this film takes place in Arizona, right? Let me just enlighten everyone: no one talks like that in Arizona unless they're from somewhere else. I lived in Arizona for 16 years, and I only once met someone that had an accent like that, and he had moved to Phoenix from Texas. Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter's characters lived in Tempe, and Tempe does not look like that. I don't think it did when this movie was made, either. I lived right next to Tempe for five years, and it just makes me angry that Arizonans were portrayed as simpleton-hicks.

Other than that, I enjoyed it.

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School is going pretty good, too. You think that I would be more stressed out with taking 18 credits and all, but I'm not. Weird, huh?