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Another exciting poll!
California bear
I am way behind on my TV watching. I am about three weeks behind on Alias, two weeks behind on One Tree Hill, three weeks behind on Everwood & Smallville, and one-week behind on The OC. Do you see what 18 credits of school is doing to me?

When will February finally be over!? It's great because of TV sweeps, and a lot of my most favorite people were born in February, but seriously. I hate the month.

In other news, it rained most of the weekend, was overcast today (Monday, so technically, yesterday) and will probably most likely be raining on Wednesday. Typical Southern California weather? I miss you! Come back! I guess it doesn't bother me as much as it bothered those people whose houses got swallowed up by mudslides. I'm very happy I don't live on or near a hill.

I'm also hating the fact that I'm not a very disciplined student. I will always do what gets me the grade, but I don't really exercise a lot of strict homework guidelines, like I should. I'm going to have to start being better, because I am not doing that good in physiology. I might not get the grade. And if that happens? My plans for magna cum laude will be completely destroyed.

Also, a huge giant thank you to vtress29 for the beautiful Valentine! The cheetos were just fine. In fact, the bag is already three quarters finished. It was so unexpected, but great that you thought of me! And it made my day! {Hugs}

Before I forget, I should mention something about The Wedding Date which I watched this weekend. Don't go to the theater and waste your money on this film. It's not that great. If someone else pays for you, that's great, it's not like you will be missing the 90 minutes of your life that it took, but don't actually pay money. It is a sort of twist on Pretty Woman, except for instead of a girl hooker, it's a boy hooker. A very hot boy hooker, but really, hooker stories in general are not good. And I just realized I used "hooker" about five times.

Poll time!

Be honest, how do you feel about :-)? Do you have anything against it? What did it ever do to you? you have plenty of room.

Your word preference?


How much do you hate Daylight Saving time?

Not at all!
On a scale of one to 10? A lot!!
It mildly annoys me.
I don't have to deal with it, so I don't care.