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(no subject)
I have been utterly swamped with school.

Also, last Friday I went to Seaworld with two of my sisters and Cecilia. We have some boss pictures I will be posting soon.

Another thing: If you want a really good laugh, download this. It's about 22.1MB, and an MPEG movie of what appears to be six Eastern Europeans dressed in extremely weird outfits dancing and singing. It is so funny that I play it at least once a day.

I also got my first paper back from my US War Literature class. Should it surprise you that I got an A? I'm overly happy about that because I turned in my first paper in my literary commentary class, and it totally sucked. I will be happy if I get above a C.

Kristine has been in Utah since Saturday morning, and she is coming home this morning. I hope she had a good time!

Seaworld on February 18.
California bear
On Friday, my sisters Kristine and Katelynne and my best friend Cecilia went to Seaworld with me.

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