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TV fun. Psychic poll.
California bear
I was just watching ABC Family, and I saw two very cheesy movies. The first is I Want to Marry Ryan Banks with Buffy's Emma Caufield, Alias's Bradley Cooper and Jason Priestley (90210, Tru Calling). So much fun! After that, was Celeste In the City with Majandra Delfino (Roswell) and Nicholas Brendan (Buffy). Boy, did that one tickle.

The first one's premise was this: famous movie star Ryan Banks (Priestley) sets up a reality show with the help of his manager (Cooper). America gets to choose the new wife of Ryan Banks -- at least they get to narrow it down to two contestants. During the filming, the manager fall in love with one of the contestants Charlie (Caufield). She tries to be horrible to Ryan Banks in order to be free of the reality show so she could hook up with the manager, but due to some clever editing, America still chooses her. Then, more hilarity ensues. Fun times.

The next one is equally funny. Celeste (Delfino) gets a job at a giant newspaper fresh out of college. Totally naïve and lacking basic street smarts, she mistakes her next-door neighbor as gay because of his occupation (interior designer). She inadvertently hooks him up on a date with her gay cousin Dana (Brendon). Other hijinks happen as her editor tries to take advantage of her after her intense makeover.

I thought it was cool to see some of my favorite TV stars in other roles.

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