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Dreams, sister, Seaworld, etc.
California bear
I have been on spring break since the 24th, and yesterday was the first time I even looked at any of my syllabi to see if I had anything to turn in on Monday. I'm such a good student!

I also have a test to turn in on Monday, and I think I am subconsciously worried that I will not get it done. Last night I had terrible dreams about not having it in class. I am also having a weird recurring dream. OK, it's not weird, but the fact that I am having a recurring dream is. I've never had recurring dreams, and I've had this one at least twice in the last week.

The dream is that I am walking down the hall or a road or some other pathway, and I see this particular ex-boyfriend of mine, and my heart starts getting really excited. I walk toward him, and he is always walking from my right going toward my path. He sees me, and it's like nothing weird or awkward or uncomfortable. He holds out his hand and takes my right hand in his left hand. We also hold hands kind of weirdly. It's like we both do that Vulcan thing with our hands and my ring finger and little finger are linked between his middle finger and ring finger. Then, we just walk together and I feel so peaceful and happy. Sometimes we talk, but mostly we just walk together.

I should probably mention that the doctors have diagnosed my younger sister KeriAnn with MS. She is out of the hospital now, and just stressing out over school, work, and how she is going to pay the medical bills since she doesn't have insurance. My parents are also really worried about her. I'm worried, too, but I know that she will get through it, so I don't stress about it. My other sisters Katie and Kristine are visiting her right now. They have been gone since Thursday afternoon. They will be back later tonight.

I should really use a calendar or something so I can keep track of all the stuff going on in my life. I am very bad at doing that. Bad me!

I am also very bad at e-mailing. I don't even want to think about it, but I have about 50 or more unread messages in my inbox, and I have unanswered e-mails from May of last year. I still plan on answering them, though. I was actually planning on doing it during spring break. Whoops.

My dish network is crapping out on me. This makes me very sad. I have not watched Alias for the past nine episodes. I guess that's what 18 credits of school does to you. Next semester I will be taking 12 only. I figure it's good to take a lesser amount during fall because there's the added stress of holiday shopping during those months (and just holidays in general starting with Halloween.) I will gladly take 18 credits (if I have to) during the spring to avoid taking 15 credits in the fall. I wonder when registration will be ready for next year.

This week I went to Seaworld on Wednesday which was a fun time. We saw all of the other stuff that we didn't get to see the last time we went. Mainly the sharks, manatees, aquariums, and the sea lion show. Thankfully, I used the sunscreen, if I hadn't, I probably would have been harshly burnt and blistered. OK, that's it for me.