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How bizarre... another weird dream.
Joan of Arcadia
I had the weirdest dream last night. I was watching TV, and then this commercial comes on for MUTANT toilet paper. Yes, a brand-new toilet paper packaged in tough looking black plastic with red and white lettering. The spokeswoman for MUTANT toilet paper said the following, " MUTANT toilet paper: the toilet paper to use if you're gay." Weird, right?

Then, later in the dream, I'm at the grocery store with my little brother, who sees this very toilet paper and puts two packages into the shopping cart. I'm like, "NOOOOOO!" I try unsuccessfully to convince him to put back the toilet paper without telling him about the commercial. Anyway, we keep the toilet paper. Then, I saw the spokeswoman for MUTANT toilet paper in one of the aisles, clutching her own package of MUTANT toilet paper, while shopping with her husband. Yeah, apparently the spokesperson for gay toilet paper is straight. And not just "I'm bi, but married to a man" straight, but really, really straight. Weird, right?

The dream ends after I tried to look for some Cherry Coke. Also, in my dream, it was this weird holiday. I'm not really sure what it was called, but the holiday involved rafting down the river in giant black inner tubes and buying lots of beer. The beverage section was filled with people looking for beer. Seriously, why does my mind think of this stuff? How does it get in there?