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Inner quirks revealed.
California bear
After taking some ridiculous test about what my birth month reveal about my inner self, I decided to make my own quiz about birth months. Take it here. This is what my birth month's inner quirks are:

'You love hanging up on telemarketers and yelling at door to door solicitors. You are not at all scared or ashamed to admit that you liked watching "Making of the Band" on ABC when they formed the "awesome" pop group O-Town. One time you got so distracted by the sparkling lights of Las Vegas while walking down The Strip that you almost got hit by a taxicab driven by a cross-dressing Arab. You are prone to uncontrollable shivers especially after being exposed to weather that is below 60°F. You love purple and red together. Your favorite book is "The Big Night (Sweet Valley High Number 142)."'

I urge you to take the quiz, or at least take a look at it. I spent valuable time procrastinating on my homework to make this up.