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On music snobbery.
I just found out that Cecilia hates Britney Spears. As in, she hates her personality, and she thinks that she has no talent and hates her songs. Now, maybe I am hypocritical, because I hate Barbra Streisand (on a personal level), and I hate her songs. In my soul, I believe that it is because I just do not find her "good." This is not the only time this has happened. I mean, I really hated Fantasia's (From American Idol) voice, as well. I would rather listen to babies crying than listen to Fantasia sing.

But, Britney? Maybe she doesn't have a great voice, but she still hits the notes, and it isn't "grating" or harsh. Her songs are actually quite catchy.

Confession: I used to be a giant music snob. I shunned all popular music, and I did what every good music snob does -- which is to have a very vast criteria of what constitutes "good music."

But then I thought to myself, "why should it matter if a song is popular to the masses? If I like a song for how it sounds, why should I let outside sources influence what I like?" Being a music snob seemed equivalent to being pretentious and petty, all of a sudden. Not that you're necessarily a bad person if you are a music snob. It's just a lifestyle choice, really. I decided it was better for me to break down the barriers of my music snobbery and be open to all kinds of music. Now, if I like something, I like it. I don't hate the music if I hate the person. Doing that is like hating delicious food because you dislike the chef. Seems silly, doesn't it?

Another thing that kind of bothers me is the concept of "selling out." I know that it is a real thing, and it does exist, but I think it is too widely applied. For instance, say Gina liked The Frog Mongors -- a mostly underground band, but then they hit it big and sign on to a major record label -- with all the same songs that Gina loves. Then, they have a top 10 song. Should Gina feel like The Frog Mongors sold out? Did The Frog Mongors's music change? Should Gina stop liking them just because everybody else does, too? It doesn't make sense to stop liking something that you originally liked just because everybody else does, too. It's not The Frog Mongors fault that everyone likes them, and can you blame everyone else for having the same good taste as you? (Also, "signing a major record deal" should not be equated with "sellout" -- it's called common sense. Anyone who passes up an opportunity to do what they love for more money is kind of an idiot. Why do people want artists to starve?)

Anyway, I still don't understand why my friend Cecilia hates Britney Spears, but I have to let it go. She found out that I hated watermelon, and she still loves me. Not that I would stop loving her because we have different tastes. I don't think anything in the world would make me stop loving her. Kim + Cecilia = true friends forever!