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Not dead.
California bear
I'm still here. I have been pretty busy. My friend Justin is visiting from LA.

Also, on Saturday, May 28, I graduated from community college. Yay. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I actually got two associate degrees -- an Associates of Arts in Humanities, and an Associates of Science in Behavioral Studies. Don't ask me what you can do with those degrees, but I'm sure they will look cool hanging on a wall somewhere. And, they will, when they mail them to me. It seems weird attending a graduation ceremony and only getting a weird holder for your degree.

The ceremony was good. It was sunny, so I got really really hot. I also looked really hot in my awesome graduation gown and hat. My dad got sunburned, though. I led the Pledge of Allegiance and I was the first name called going across the stage.

This past Thursday Cecilia, Justin, Barbie and I went to Venice Beach. It was pretty cool. We went to this restaurant and my waitress accidentally gave me veal marsala instead of chicken marsala. I was very sad. I also got a pair of boss sunglasses.

This past couple of days I have been busy compiling the newsletter. Right now I'm supposed to be editing a video for my sister's school. However, a bunch of friends just came over so I have to hang out with them. We're going to watch The Perfect Score, which I've never seen before.

I wish I was more interesting.