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Los Angeles, birthday, Father's Day.
On Thursday, we (Cecilia, Justin and I) went to Los Angeles. First, we met Judi Levine in Beverly Hills for lunch. We didn't end up getting there until one o'clock in the afternoon, which was two hours behind schedule. We ate lunch at this Hawaiian restaurant where I had a tasty chicken wrap.

After that, we went to West Hollywood to meet Dave Taylor. We went to some restaurant that was in a hotel to have drinks. I had some lemonade, and Justin had coke, and Cecilia had water. The water there, by the way, is not like regular water. It's imported from some melted glacier in Norway. Dave had some girly mohito that looked really delicious to me (if it didn't have alcohol in it). The water there was totally phenomenal.

Anyway, it was cool to meet Dave and his assistant Naomi. I wish he would have had more time to visit with him, but he had some type of deadline. Also, at this place we were at, there was a pool where people were sunbathing while eating stuff from the restaurant. I wish we had more time to discuss cyborgs.

After we dropped off Dave, we were on our way to Van Nuys, but we had to turn around because Naomi accidentally left her keys in my van. Next we went to Van Nuys where we dropped off Justin's stuff and took naps. As we were leaving to go to the show, Justin's hosts came home and we got to meet Steve and Amy.

On our way back to the Hollywood area, we stopped at a Taco Bell and got some food. Then, we made our way to Sunset Blvd. once again. The place was called El Cid, and it was a small place with limited access for those of us with limited access. They had a giant stair I had to get over, and my ramp that I brought left about 3 in. of step that I had to climb. They were very nice about it, though, and about half a dozen buff guys helped me climb that step.

We were in the very front row off to the side. We were about an hour early. The people were very nice. I read somewhere that it costs $20 to get in, but they never asked us for any money, so we didn't pay them. We did order some soft drinks, though.

Then, we sat through the show which was mainly a lot of dancers dancing, but then some of Majandra singing. I like her music, normally, but I guess she doesn't do very good with "live" performances. I wouldn't say that she totally sucked, but it was more bad than good.

We left at a quarter to midnight. We had to drive away to Van Nuys to drop off Justin, and then all the way back home to Murrieta. We didn't get to my house until about 2:15 in the morning. Then, Cecilia drove herself home. It was a long, long day.

On Friday, I had my birthday party. It was really nice. Many people came, and I got lots of cards and presents. People in attendance: Cecilia, Chris, Donny, David, Cody, Dawn, Carlo, Jessica, Brandon, Aaron, Sena, Sean, Jewels, Brittany, Sarah, Michelle, Jillian, Kristen, Hayley, Veronica, Kellie, Kristine, Kurtis, Katelynne, and the parents. I will post pictures and details later.

Saturday, my sister Kellie had her first Mary Kay party. Yeah, she's selling that stuff now. It was pretty fun. I actually won the on-time drawing prize, which is a first. I usually never win those type of things.

My dad had a good Father's Day. And while I am on the subject of my dad, I think I would just like to write a little bit about him here. My dad is totally awesome. He commutes to San Diego (1.5 hour drive each way) everyday, and he works really hard at his job. However, if there is a family thing of any kind, he is always there. I love that family is really important to him, and how dedicated he is and how selfless he is. Like, On Thursday night when I came home so late, he put me to bed when I got home -- waking from his restful sleep -- and helped me, no complaints. I know that he loves me, and I love him. He's not perfect, but he is a great guy and an awesome dad.

Today, I am catching up on Alias, and I am going to go watch Batman Begins later on.