June 27th, 2005


Progress, pictures, and Joey Potter

So, I have 786 e-mails left in my inbox. I haven't really progressed that much, though. I actually got back up to 796 (from 789). To make myself feel better, I deleted some spam. Then, people e-mailed me back, and now I have 786.

It's crazy.

So, here is a picture of Justin and I at Venice Beach from a little while ago.

Collapse )

That was with my long hair. I cut it off pretty short on the 15th. Feels much better.

I also watched the very first episode of Dawson's Creek last night. Man, are those clothes FUNNY! I actually saw this episode when it originally aired eight years ago, but I forgot a lot of stuff. Mainly, I forgot about what a brat Joey was. When I first saw it, I was a little sympathetic to her character, but I was so much younger then. But, maybe it is knowing how it ends that makes it so much different the second time around.