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Randomness, randomness, TV, and randomness.
So, I'm really excited about comic con coming up this week. That is going to ROCK.

However, I really should say something about my grandpa. He has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. So, if you could, keep them in your prayers or send him your happy thoughts.

I just taught in church today, and it always makes me want to do something more special for the next time I teach. But, then, the next time I teach sneaks up, and I don't have the time.

Other than that, my life consists of working on the computer (I only have something like 512 e-mails left!) & chilling with friends. I've been watching a lot of Fastlane recently. Anyone familiar with the show? Well, you can familiarize yourselves with it now. It is on Court TV on the weekends.

Speaking of Court TV, I accidentally recorded a program called House of Clues on Court TV, and it rocked my world. So the premise is this: two people go through all the rooms in a stranger's house and try to develop a profile of who lives there based on their belongings. Very cool. I'm thinking about watching it whenever it is on.

Guess what else is on TV again! Come on, guess! OK, you probably won't guess, so I will tell you. The Tick! It's on every night on Toon Disney. So, obviously it's the original cartoon version. I just watched one of my favorite episodes "Mustache Feeling," and was reminded about how hard-core the show rocks. So, check it out if you haven't already seen it, and even if you have already seen it, you need to check it out again.

I was thinking about the word "dis" today for some unknown reason. First, I thought about how it should be spelled, and then I wondered if it was a real word. So, naturally, I googled it to find out that it was spelled the way I thought it was with one S. But, I did not know it was short for disrespect. I am kind of slow sometimes.

Oh yeah, on Saturday night I had a Chinese party. I invited this guy I met from church who speaks Chinese to come over. We had Chinese food, and then we watched Jay Chou live in Taipei. Seth (the guy) translated a little for us. It was pretty cool.