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Comic con report, part one
So, I think that comic con international 2005 was so vast that no one has had the motivation to write all about it in its entirety. I won't do that, but I will try to give more than a fuzzy watercolor.

DAY 1: Thursday

I think we made it down to San Diego by noon. We attended the panel that Orson Scott Card was speaking at. Apparently, he wrote a new Ironman comic, and was speaking about his (brand new) experiences in comics. Someone asked him about Ender's Game becoming a movie, and he said that it was currently under option at a studio. Other than that, going to the panel was a lot like listening to someone speaking a foreign language. Seriously, I knew they were speaking English, but I literally understood NOTHING.

Picture of Mr. CardCollapse )

On Thursday, my "entourage" (as I jokingly called them) consisted of my sister Kristine (faiths_stake), brother Kurtis, and good friends Cecilia (chechibean) and Justin (ddh).

a cute picture of me and my sisterCollapse )

After that, I think I met up with waterbearers, juliedarling, and trjeannette. Although I could be wrong. I know at least Jenifer was with me as we watched a panel about Star Trek. That was pretty interesting. I am a fan of TNG, but not much else.

Then we stayed and watched about breaking into Hollywood, which was interesting for the first little bit. I can't believe someone yelled out to one of the panelists, "let someone else answer the questions!" It was cool as well to listen to one of the writers from The OC talk about how they pick music for their show.

Toward the end of the day, I was so freaking starving. The girls (including careyleah and Shannon, I think) wanted to take Jenifer out to eat at a really fancy and expensive place to thank her. I would have liked to come, except I did not think I could wait that long to eat food. So, my crew and I ended up eating at Jack in the Box on our way home.

The next day, we wanted to be sure to get there early enough to watch Natalie Portman speak, and we ended up leaving at about 8:30 in the morning. The freeway was a lot more crowded, and we didn't make it there until after 10. Parking was an especially exciting adventure; we got directed to a parking structure where the clearance was 7 ft.. Little do I know, my van is actually 7'1". The good news was the top of my van didn't start scraping until the third floor of the parking structure. We were scared about going any farther so we parked in some white lined area not meant for parking. So, we found the guy in charge of parking to tell him our situation, and then he promised not to tow my van.

We had to check-in with disabled services because every day Cecilia, who was acting as my "attendant," had to get a new badge, even though I had already registered for the entire con. Anyway, after that, we rushed to see if we could get into Hall H. (That day, it was just Cecilia, Justin and I.) I was surprised to see the line for the event.... it was snaked around the entire convention building, and I'm sure it was easily over a mile long. Luckily for me, I just went right in. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let Justin in as well, and he got into the giant line.

The event was scheduled for 11, and when I got into the hall it was 11:07. I don't think they started until like closer to 11:30, though. So, I got to see some Harry Potter footage (never before seen!), and a little scene from The Corpse Bride, and then we saw the first ever trailer for V for Vendetta. After that, Natalie Portman came onstage with the writers and directors of the movie and comic.

A couple pictures of NatalieCollapse )
And, it might look like she has her hair back in those pictures, but she doesn't; her hair is just extremely short because she shaved it all off recently for her part in that movie.
So, I actually downloaded V for Vendetta in order to read it because I was very intrigued by the premise. I have been reading it for the past couple of days, and then I find this picture in the comic book:

Doesn't she look really familiar? Yeah, I thought so, too. I thought she looked like this actressCollapse )
You have to admit, though, that they do look incredibly like twins.

So, back to the convention report.

The panel was good, and Natalie was cute, and dealt with her questions very nicely, and some of them were DUMB; particularly the one about her opinion on plastic surgery for women. Was that REALLY necessary? Seriously, people should just write down their questions, and then a professional question asker can pick out the non-stupid ones, and ask them.

Oh yeah, there was also a preview for this movie called The Fountain which looked interesting. I think that Rachel Weisz was there, too. I didn't stay for too long after she came onstage, though. Because it was SO COLD in that hall. Even Natalie Portman had to get a sweater on after only a couple of minutes. Absolutely freezing!

Then, we booked it over to the Veronica Mars panel which was happening in another (much, much smaller) room. We got in just fine, but there was a really big line to get in. We got reasonably good seats, too. I believe I was there with Jenifer, Julie and Jeanette.

So, the panelists included creator Rob Thomas, producer Joel Silver and much of the cast: Enrico Colantoni, Teddy Dunn, Francis Capra, Jason Dohring, and (surprisingly) Charisma Carpenter -- who will be playing the Casablancas' evil stepmother.

Pictures of the panelCollapse )

For a better picture of Charisma, click here.

To be continued...