July 25th, 2005


From the IMDb.

Teen pop sensation Hilary Duff fears she'll never understand why she and former "phone pal" Lindsay Lohan became enemies over their romances with Aaron Carter. The pair's ongoing fights have made media headlines in the past year, but Duff is now keen to move on - even though her one-time pal stole her boyfriend. She says, "The thing I don't understand is that for a while we used to talk on the phone way back when I was shooting (kids TVshow) Lizzie McGuire and she was shooting a Disney Channel movie. We were phone pals. Then, all of a sudden, all this bad stuff happened. I was just like, 'Why would anyone ever do this to me?' I didn't really understand it. It's hard being so young and having people lie about you, with millions of people reading or watching. It was all about a boyfriend that I had, and it was weird because he caused all this trouble that I didn't really care about and that she couldn't have cared about. You're kids, what does it matter?" Duff has also moved on from Carter and is now dating Good Charlotte star Joel Madden. She adds, "Even though we dated when I was only 14, we did fall in love, and it was serious for us. He did cheat on me, but whatever. We were 14. Who cares?"
California bear


Wow, I'm like an updating fiend. I just posting to say that I went to Seaworld last Thursday with my sisters. It was great fun.

The funniest part of the Seaworld map that you get is the warning about gulls. It says this:

"The gulls at Seaworld can be very aggressive. Do not feed gulls or leave small children alone with food."

We were eating at the Shipwreck Reef Cafe, and Kellie was throwing french fries at the gulls.

ME: Kellie, you aren't supposed to feed the gulls! It says it in the rules!

KELLIE: I wasn't feeding the gulls... I was... having a food tantrum! (Throws french fry violently on ground.)

Then, a bee buzzes by her food and she starts to exclaim, "What're the rules about bees!?" over and over again until the bee decided to stop harassing her.

Fun times. Also, my sisters had a great time feeding and petting the dolphins. We spent almost 45 minutes doing that.

One more thing, I updated my intense fall 2005 viewing chart & statistics.