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The LD on UT.
So, I mentioned this a while ago, but my Grandpa (my mom's dad) has lymphatic cancer. My mom was sort of anxious to see her parents after learning of this development. This is part of the reason (well, most of the reason) we decided to take the trip so spontaneously.

About the trip there.Collapse )

Utah is a strange and unsettling place.Collapse )

About my relatives and the movies I saw.Collapse )

I will miss my sister!Collapse )

School started for the sibs on August 10 (Wednesday) while we were still in Utah. My brother endured his first day of school today, and my sister got registered and her first day is tomorrow. My other sister Kellie had her first day of community college today. She said that it was pretty easy, so I'm really happy for her. I'm going with her (to her school) on Wednesday so I can tell her how to get the good grades. I'm actually doing this for my friend Cecilia, as well. She starts school on the 22nd. I start on the 29th.

I also hired someone new to work for me and she starts tomorrow. Her name is Glenna, and she is the oldest of all my attendants. She has 19 grandchildren, and is the mom of one of my sister's friends.

My sister KeriAnn moved back after successfully graduating from massage therapy school. With her comes former classmate Trent, who will be staying in the room we have in the garage. They both have jobs at LaCosta Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California.