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Room construction!
So, I'm writing from my kitchen, and I'm still in bed. My room is completely empty because it is (finally) getting tiled. My room has been in active construction since around Halloween of 2003. (I wrote about it here.) Anyway, it has been kind of rough living in a room that isn't really all the way built.

The good news is, though, that my room should be done by today. Yes!

I also found out the other day that my sister (Kristine) printed out this entry and made every one of her friends read it. I'm so famous now!

I have lots of homework than I am currently not doing. I will post this story that I'm working on when it is finished, though. I have to say that it is quality writing.... Well, it is really funny. I'm thinking about writing an essay on the perils of TV snobbery. You know, just for my own enjoyment.

I enjoyed Gilmore Girls, and I didn't hate The OC. I wish I had the motivation and clarity to write more about that.

Do you know the difference between stationary and stationery is? I do! (Not that I just learned it; I've known about it since ninth grade, but thought I would ask an open-ended question.)