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I Am
I am a caged tiger happy to be alive.
I am not a snowman holding a beer can.
I am 28 bolts of lightning.
I am not a catfish eating a worm.
I am crazier than a mad scientist, but less crazy than a dog chasing his tail.
I am not just passing the time.
I am slow lava boiling under the surface.
I am not a signpost refusing to move.
I am slightly more permanent than a Post-it note.
I am not going to use big words like leptodactylous just for the heck of it.
I am as obvious as a clear day, but more enigmatic than a yeti.
I am not a penguin sitting on an egg.
I am constant as the super massive blackhole at the center of our galaxy.
I am not suggesting that you get to know me, because I might not like you.
I am the person you meet and can't stop thinking about after you get home.
I am only living for my time.