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I wish I wasn't so busy.
California bear
I'm not dead. I am just crazy busy. Some days, I don't even have the time to check my e-mail once.

I'm doing pretty good in school. Just got done with a major Spanish presentation. I have a Shakespeare presentation coming up soon. I get to be Witch Three from Macbeth in a group presentation of act IV scene one.

The writing classes are going excellently. All of my poems have received a "check plus" in my creative writing class (which is the highest you can receive on an assignment). I had a nightmare the other night where I got a "check minus" on my latest assignment. Very disturbing.

I am pretty much caught up on all my TV shows. I missed the latest Prison Break, but have it downloaded and ready to watch.

I'm also working hard in occupational therapy. I'm trying this thing where I strap a brace onto my wrist and I try to feed myself. It's pretty cool.

I am a lot more tired than usual lately. It may have something to do with the new prescription I am taking for my spasms. I'm trying to keep the spasms under control so that I can get the tendon lengthening surgery for my foot drop. And if everything goes well, that would be between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Well, I have to go and do homework. Yay. My life is fun.