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Fun times.
Joan of Arcadia
School is kicking me. Medication is making me crazy tired. I am no longer taking that stuff.

I got my new camera yesterday. It's pretty boss, and I'm very happy about it.

My sister (Kristine) arrived today. We bought her a ticket secretly, and then everyone in my family was surprised. I only wish we had better communication picking her up. I still feel little bit sick from worrying this morning.

She got in at 8:20, and by 9:00, my sister KeriAnn who is picking her up, still could not find her. We tried calling her cell phone about two dozen times each, only to listen to her phone ring every time. I called my grandma, who then called Kristine's boyfriend -- he dropped her off at the airport. I found out that she got to the airport just fine, and that she left her cell phone behind. That made me feel little bit better. Then I called Southwest, and gave them her confirmation number and then they checked to see she made it on her flights. She did. Finally, KeriAnn calls need to tell me that she found Kristine. Apparently, Kristine thought that KeriAnn was not going to be picking her up, so she asked her best friend (Brittany) to pick her up. Brittany could not pick her up until much later, so Kristine was waiting inside the entire time. KeriAnn finally hooked up with her at about 9:30. Talk about stomachaches!

Tomorrow we are going to Thanksgiving dinner at an Italian restaurant. They are serving the traditional Thanksgiving dinner for $15 a plate, and their regular menu. My mom just can't think of doing so much cooking and afterwards, the dishes. I made reservations yesterday, so hopefully it'll be cool. We aren't going to be eating until 6:00 PM. That's going to be different. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so it's really important that tomorrow goes well.

Went to Seaworld last Saturday with my friend Cecilia, who was in town for a couple of days. We had a great time. I'm going again this weekend, and probably I'm going to do some Christmas shopping while I'm there. I love Seaworld!