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I thought I would be done with school by now, but no. I had a really bad night last night, so I called this morning and rescheduled my final. Which is good because I will probably do better on it, but bad because now school is extended that much farther. I'm ready for it to be over already! I was actually ready for it to be over since Thanksgiving.

I have a Hamlet video I made with my best friend Cecilia that I'm making available for download. I turned it in for my creative project for my Shakespeare class. You can download it by right clicking here (Windows media player format, ~22MB). The premise is that Hamlet and Ophelia could have made their special love work if it hadn't been for all of the spying.

I might go to Mexico on Saturday. I'm not sure, though. My church is going to give Christmas to less fortunate people down there (in TJ). If I don't hear from them by tonight, I'm going to make arrangements so that it gets covered in the newsletter for next month. Then, this Saturday I will probably go to Seaworld.

My ambitious TV watching schedule was incredibly too much for me this fall. The only new things that stuck are: Invasion, My Name Is Earl, Prison Break and Supernatural. (I also love how the WB is selling Supernatural: "Watch two of the sexiest men on TV.") I probably would have stuck with Night Stalker if it had not been completely pulled. Out of my old shows, I've only been keeping track of Smallville, Lost, Alias, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, The OC and I probably will catch up on Gilmore Girls (I'm about three weeks behind). I'm mostly current on everything (one week behind on Alias).

SMALLVILLE: Spoilers up until LexmasCollapse )

LOST: Spoilers until the most recent episodeCollapse )

I'm not going to talk about Alias because I have yet to see the December 7 episode.

VERONICA MARS Spoilers until 'One Angry Veronica'Collapse )

I'm really not too excited about anything else I watch besides My Name Is Earl, which I find to be 23 minutes well spent each week on Tuesday at 930/830 on NBC. Prison Break is also making me very happy.

I saw a commercial on ABC for a new TV show: "Skating with the Stars." As much as I am politically and morally against watching reality TV shows, I probably will watch at least the first episode. Because, hello? Ice-skating! Nancy Kerrigan! That really funny bald guy who is a great skater! And Uncle Joey from Full House! That's coming out in January some time. Man, I love watching ice-skating. I'm not going to miss any ice-skating action if I can help it.

11 more days until Christmas. I know I'm evil for saying it out loud.