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What I've been up to
California bear
I went to Seaworld yesterday, and that was great. I love Seaworld so much. I went with my sister Kristine and her best friend Brittany. I've been to Seaworld on some BUSY days (Labor Day, for example) but I've never seen it as crowded as it was yesterday. There were so many people there, it was almost a relief to be going home. We saw the killer whales, the dolphins, the penguins, polar bears, and the manatees. It was a pretty good day, but it got too cold toward the end. I'm pretty sure it was dipping below 60° after the sunset.

I guess I'm going to go to a party tomorrow night, something I just learned a couple of minutes ago. I don't want to stay there until midnight, but it should be good for a little while. I like my house, my family, and everything too much to be gone from them while the new year rings in.

Good to know I'm majoring in the right area Collapse )