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Let's bask in the hate. It's like sunshine, except for dark and cold.
I really hate my space. It is a stupid web site filled with heaps of stupid people. I'm not judging you if you have an account there, because I have an account there. (Mainly because some of my friends refuse to use livejournal and it is my only way to keep in contact with them.) Let me tell you why it sucks so much.

six reasons why my space sucksCollapse )

I'm feeling the hate today. What a great way to start out 2006!

I also hate stupid e-mail forwards. I hate it especially when I get an e-mail that says "If you don't send this to at least 20 other people, you don't believe in God." Or, "If you consider me a friend, I will get this back within 24 hours." I never forward anything en masse. I hate it when people send me crap like that, but I don't hate people that send it to me. It's usually unsavvy Internet people I know from the real world.

I just don't understand the point. It's a waste of time, and it wastes everyone else's time. If I don't believe in God, then I will tell people. I don't not believe in God because I didn't send some attachment to 20 unsuspecting victims. If I am someone's friend, then they should know that. Occasionally, I send cards and e-mails to people I particularly like. If I hated someone, they would know. I'm not afraid to hate, especially today.

It just makes no logical sense. Why would someone create a stupid hoax e-mail like "send this to as many people as you can and Microsoft will give you thousands of dollars! I swear! I saw it in the news!" Why would someone do that? Why?

Another thing that really sucks is the online petition. I always thought they were a load of crap, but didn't know for sure until someone set me straight. Occasionally, I would feel guilty about not signing and passing them on, you know, when they were about curing cancer or passing a bill that eliminates hunger or something. The fact is that online petitions, say it with me, don't do a stinking thing. Anyone could go through the phone book putting names on a giant list so that they could get their way. It's retarded, and you shouldn't do it. Even if you really want to cure cancer. (If you really wanted to cure cancer, you should do stuff like donate to St. Jude's; signing an Internet petition is not worth the five minutes you could be doing something else.)

What else sucks? Selfish people that think they are being generous. You know any? I hate them very much. Because they are like, "oh, I do so much! I am practically a freaking martyr! Kiss my feet! Do everything I say! Why aren't you worshiping me? I helped you for five minutes! I deserve your undivided love and support no matter what I do, and who cares if I don't do the same for you!" Yeah, I hate that.