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Woe, and Lost
I have been having serious issues with dish network lately. For posterity, I have included the mean e-mail I just now sent them.

Transcript of e-mail I sentCollapse )

I also received that DVD recorder/VCR I purchased a while ago, only to find out that my DVDs won't play. I called technical support, and they tell me, "push play." And then? Magically? It works. After several times not working, it starts magically. So, that's good, but weird.

I have been trying to work through all of this crap. Seems like nothing is going my way. Except I did get a 4.0, which officially makes me the smartest. Actually, my sister Kellie, who went back to junior-college full-time last semester, also got a 4.0, in no small part, due to me. I'm not going to say what my sister Kristine got last semester. She might actually kill me. My other sister KeriAnn is moving out in 11 days. That wouldn't be so bad, but she is taking all of her DVDs with her, and basically, that's like half of the house's collection. Sadness. I will also miss hanging out with her, and stuff.

I am interviewing someone new for my helper position, because my old helper is busy helping her husband who just had a stroke on December 7, and then open-heart surgery this past Monday. She wants to come back, but I can't wait forever. I will see if the girl I am interviewing could work on a temporary basis. I really miss having someone help me out. Of course, my family has been filling in, but it is completely different bossing around someone who is paid to help you, than someone who is related to you, and not entirely excited about doing what you say.

On a different note, I just watched the entire first disc of Scrubs season one, and LOVING it so much. I am also anxiously waiting for new Battlestar Galactica, because that show also rocks. I somehow missed Veronica Mars last night (I'm blaming that on stupid dish network), and I have not yet watched One Tree Hill. I did catch Lost, though.

Spoilers for last night's episodeCollapse )