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Kim's Corner
I went to Seaworld Saturday with my friend Dave. It was very awesome, as always. The only bad part was the drizzle. A little after 2:30, San Diego started to do this noncommittal rain thing. I came home very cold, but we totally owned Seaworld. We saw all the cool things: Shamu, dolphins, sea lions, corny 3-D show, penguins, polar bears, belugas, sharks, manatees, bat rays, eels, and we even rode on the sky tower.

My family has school off today because it is Martin Luther King Day. My mom wants to take down the Christmas decorations today.

The interview on Friday for my new helper went not good. The woman didn't want to drive the 14 mi. to my house, so she terminated the interview after 30 seconds. I am not sure about getting a new helper.

I missed a bunch of TV because of dish network. Now, I am trying to download all I missed.