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How surgery went
So, my surgery went well.

On the day, I woke up at 5:00 AM, so that we could be ready at the surgery clinic by 8:30 AM. We get to the clinic, and the anesthesiologist is like, "I'm not operating on THAT." Anyway, he was worried because nobody told him that I was quadriplegic. According to my foot doctor, (who I believe) she sent the paperwork over explaining everything days before. But, let's not dwell on the incompetence of the surgery center.

Meanwhile, I am very hungry because they told me not to eat anything past dinner, and I hadn't had anything to drink in over eight hours. We got to my podiatrist office (conveniently located in the exact same plaza, so no need to drive), and they get me an appointment at the hospital nearest to my house (five minutes away) for 4:00 PM. Good news: it's the same day. Bad news: I still can't eat anything.

So, I got home and took a nap. We had to be at the hospital by 2:00 PM, and were perfectly on time. They transferred me to a hospital bed around three, and because the hospital is also a trauma center, I didn't actually get to go into surgery until about 8:00 PM, because I was bumped back by two trauma cases. I was extremely thirsty, and incredibly hungry. I actually could have had breakfast, but they didn't know that I would be bumped.

I had a rocking anesthesiologist, he did not want to put me completely under. They gave me a giant shot in my spine (like an epidural), and I was mostly awake during surgery. From time to time, my anesthesiologist gave me some drugs to make me sleepy, which I rather enjoyed. They listened to Guns 'n Roses while operating on me, which is about all I can remember from the actual surgery. Three hours later, I was in recovery.

And, because my dad is the best dad in the entire world, he grabbed me some Del Taco for when I woke up.

Also, because the surgery was so late, my doctor recommended an overnight hospital stay, which we decided to do. I stayed in a room with a complete stranger, all by myself for the entire night. My parents picked me up the next day at about 9:30. Since then, I have been pretty doped up on Vicodin. (I can't actually feel my legs, but that doesn't stop them from hurting my head and neck.)

So, now I have some pretty serious casts, and I won't be able to go back to school until next Monday.

Here's hoping I won't be too behind when I get back.