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Forays into my nerdy mind.
I'm ripping my Children of Dune soundtrack right now, and it is taking SO LONG! I started like 10 minutes ago, and it's only on track 7 now... out of 36! I really want to listen to my yummy music. I put the CD in the other day, and it was totally corrupted. CDs + sticky candy = >:( So, I searched vainly to see if there were some places I could download the tracks; I was even willing to actually pay for it. No luck. I decide to buy a new CD on Amazon. It arrives today, and now I have to wait for forever for the tracks to rip.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in reading my boring paper on Harry Potter, please knock yourself out. I really hope I get an A, and my teacher won't ask me to read it to the class. People who get the good grades have to read their papers out loud. (Isn't that like punishing someone for getting good grades?)

I'm really digging my linguistics class. I spent almost four hours today on the homework. I didn't really have to, I could have finished it in 20 minutes, but I got so into it. Instead of thinking of a really easy word with the "l" sound in it, I researched favorite_words until I found logorrhea, and I did that for all of the words. (Thank you, kopernik, for maintaining such an awesome community. I will dedicate my A+, that I will undoubtedly receive, to you.)

I need to record the Olympics. I can't miss ice-skating. I already missed ice dancing, and I am so sad.

Well, I was going to talk about TV, and actually be interesting, but I am a little worn out, and I still have to write a one-page paper for my Global Women's Writers class.

Wondering: does anyone ever look at their GPA, and then calculate what it will be if they get straight As? Just me, then? Please tell me that one of you is as geeky as me.

Wait, I was watching Never Been Kissed the other day, and Drew Barrymore's character is like all correcting everyone's grammar. Check out the following scene quoted almost verbatim.

David Arquette:...... then you are no better off than me.
Drew Barrymore: than I.

Which is not a correction, but a complete mistake; it is supposed to be "than me." I always use this test: would I say "than we"? No? Then I know it is supposed to be "me." I know I left out a step in this really rather logical thought process of mine, but I don't feel like trying to explain more.

All the tracks are ripped, now, but it recorded from my USB microphone, and not from my CD player, for some completely bizarre reason. Instead of listening to my awesome songs, I actually hear myself writing this post. Lame!

I finally have it ripping correctly!