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The month of evil finally ending! Yay! March!
Good news: no more February. The pain is ending!

Bad news: I need to write a paper on a book I have not yet read. I really don't want to get just an "adequate" grade. Probably should have thought of that before all the not doing of my homeworks.

In TV watching news, I really dug the latest episode of BSG. The writing is so intelligent and multilayered. Thing of beauty, really. I am about 16 weeks behind on Gilmore Girls, and I am going to a Supernatural panel this Saturday, and I am very behind on that show, too. Meanwhile, CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother continues to amuse. I'm also thinking about attending a creation con in Pasadena on the 11th; Evangeline Lily, Naveen Andrews, and Ian Somerholder (from Lost) are all going to be there.

I went through my mail today. It took almost an hour. That's what I get for not opening my mail in two months.

Well, I better start writing that paper.