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Good news: I went to the doctor, got my chest x-rayed, and it turns out I don't have pneumonia... yet. I have been on a tough régime of breathing treatments, antibiotics, vitamins and coughing. My doctor is hopeful that I could get better within a couple of weeks. Let's hope I'm better for spring break!

Bad news: Because of all of the coughing, I have not got a single thing done for school this weekend. I badly want to not go tomorrow, but it looks like I can't miss any more school or my grades will start to drop.

School news: I finished my feminist paper. I wrote it on Laura Mulvey and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, the dean of students at my school is leaving to be the dean of students at Berkeley. Crazy.

TV news: I'm caught up on most of my shows with the exception of The OC and BSG, both of which I should be caught up on by today. Wish I could say more, but I can't really. Not without coughing.

Thank you for all of the nice comments and happy thoughts. I am feeling better for the most part. Let's hope the health keeps climbing.