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Miscellaneous, review on The Evidence, thoughts for BSG 2.20
Kara Thrace
I'm officially on spring break. Yay! I'm not as sick, which is good, although yesterday I thought I was going to die for a minute there. Also, my mom is out-of-town helping my soon-to-be married sister with wedding crap.

Man. Right now, I really miss writing music. Like REALLY. I'm going to try and pretend like that doesn't make me sad.

I watched The Evidence last Thursday night. I thought since ABC was throwing it after LOST that it would be a unique, interesting spin on the crime drama genre. I was, however, completely wrong. The show is simply six or seven tired clichés stacked on top of each other in a boring, predictable way. Do not watch this show. You'll thank me for the 60 minutes I just saved you. I read one review that said that this show "hit the target," and praised for its uniqueness. I have to conclude that that reviewer is on ABC's payroll. The only remotely good thing about the show is the actors: Orlando Jones, Rob Estes, Martin Landau et al. I like all these guys, but they aren't given very much to work with. It's kind of like watching Natalie Portman in the Star Wars prequels: not enough (by far) to redeem it.

Spoilers for BSG 2.20Collapse )

Now, I am going to finish working on my brand-new web site. It is going to look so awesome!