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I'm in a cranky mood right now, which is weird because I'm never cranky. I should be in a good mood because tonight (early tomorrow morning, actually) is my favorite time of year: daylight saving time. I love it when the time turns back to normal. It means the crappy part of the year is over, and the awesome part is just beginning.

Also, my friend Justin is here visiting which is awesome.

I just finished designing my little sister's wedding invitations. Maybe that's why I'm cranky. Whenever I think about her getting married, it makes me so angry. I think it's because I wrote her an e-mail saying, "Why can't you see things from my point of view and understand how much this affects me?" (essentially) Also, I told her that I felt like she cared about her boyfriend so much that hanging out with her wasn't fun because she was just wishing she could be with him instead of hanging out with me. I just wanted her to say, "I understand. I can see where you're coming from," and "I love you no matter what." But, she didn't say anything at all. And now I feel like she is selfish, and I'm letting her get away with it because I hate fighting and I don't want to be mad at her. I don't want to think that she has changed so negatively that I can't even understand her anymore. I don't want to have to follow through with those feelings.

Well, in better news, my cough is completely gone, which is nothing short of miraculous considering I was bordering on crazy pneumonia. I was only really sick for about two weeks. Also, my dad's family is coming to SoCal next week, and I am going to be going to Disneyland on Tuesday with them and my immediate family and Justin.

The only bad thing is that my newsletter deadline is swiftly approaching. I work on it and finish it this Thursday, and I am going to the beach with the family, which means I am probably going to pull yet another all-nighter in order to make my deadline.

Hey, has anyone out there read The Bone People by Keri Hulme? I'm writing a paper on this book, and I need someone to look it over to make sure that I sound like I know what I'm talking about. I've listened to it on audio book, but (especially with a book that is in more than one language) I don't know if I understand what is going on completely.

Happy April, everyone!