April 8th, 2006


Hard work pays off over time, but being lazy always pays off now.

Does anybody know the cure for being entirely unmotivated to do anything productive? I have so much work to do, that even thinking about how much work I have makes my head want to explode. Yet, I feel no real compulsion to actually do it.

On Thursday, I went to Seaworld with my sister and Justin. That place is better than Disneyland by about 68,569 times. Even though it was a nice, sunny day, the crowd of people was much less burdensome than the crowd at Disneyland when it was pouring rain. We also got to see Shamu's new show area. It was under construction, so it wasn't all that great, but at least I know I haven't missed the opening day of the new show "Believe." I totally want to be at that show the first time it goes public.

Randomly, I tried Cream Savers new tropical blend, and I strongly advise everyone to avoid this candy at all costs. First of all, over two thirds of the bag was banana flavored. And even though banana flavored is nobody's favorite, it was easily the best tasting out of the (only) three flavors offered. Mango and cream was not good, but tasted like a dream compared to the oh-so repulsive piña colada. So, don't let curiosity get the best of you. Avoid this candy as if it were a leper.

My computer has been optimized, and that is really good. My computer was in poor health without me even knowing it. Good thing Justin is such a computer doctor. ::pets computer::