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The Fairy Who Couldn't Fly + school
So, I have been crazy-busy.

First, I have been spending all types of time making my sister's invitations and helping my mom address and send them. The invitations look awesome.

Then, I have been amazingly busy with school. In my K-12 Writing class, I had to design a children's book. We have to give a presentation on what we are doing, so I signed up for the first day (so I could get it over with), and that day was Monday. I decided to do my book on a story I had previously written called The Fairy Who Couldn't Fly. I rewrote the story so it would rhyme, and I contracted my little sister Kellie to do the illustrations. For the presentation, I decided to make a movie.

The Fairy StoryCollapse )

Fairy PictureCollapse )

You can also download my movie presentation by right clicking here (~25MB, Windows movie player format).

I stayed up all Sunday night finishing the presentation, so I was TIRED at school on Monday.
There are only like three weeks left at school, and things are finally starting to work themselves into place. On Tuesday, I went to my adviser to find out if I am on track for graduation, and I am on. I already signed up for classes for next semester (15 credits, ugh), and all I have to do is refill the FAFSA, and everything is taken care of.

I am also reasonably happy about all of my classes, with the exception of literary commentary. I got back my third paper Wednesday, and yet another A-. I'm going to have to meet with him so I can find out what I need to do to score an A+ on the final paper.

Also, I found out that in order to graduate I have to turn in a portfolio, which is a collection of all of my work from all of my classes. But, my adviser wants them with my teachers' marks on them. So, I guess it is a good thing I still have my papers from the last two semesters.

So, that's what I have been up to. Right now I need to edit an article answer for Justin. I only have a half-hour to finish that before Dawn gets here. Yikes!