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Keeping my head above water...
California bear
I only have to go to school two (or three) more times. Yay!

I have been hanging in there. I am a little bit sick again. Major coughs, just like last time, and I have even been taking my vitamins! It's a stressful time. I have many many homeworks to get done, and such a limited time to do it. I have been working on other things, hanging with Justin and my friend Dawn, helping my sister Kellie, and trying to keep my parents happy by helping with my other sister's wedding, which, by the way, is the weekend before all of my finals. Yes! Not to mention that I have been doing physical therapy, and I went to see my foot doctor for my month after checkup thing.

Does anyone know how to kill the sounds on AOL instant messenger? I have to put my whole computer on mute every time I go to chat.

Anyhow, tomorrow is another giant day, but not for getting homework done. Also, Kristine comes back with her F tomorrow night. I'm happy, but sad at the very same time.

I have been talking to Justin about his job offer. Northern California (Emeryville)! He is very leery about having to relocate to a place where he has zero friends. He should probably just myspace it up. That's how he made friends in Hungary. I think I will tell him that.

Well, I'm not particularly interesting anymore, so I'm going to end now.