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My sister's wedding.
So, yesterday my sister got married. The actual wedding where she got married took only 10 minutes, but the day was very long. My mom got me about 5:00 AM, and we drove down to San Diego where we arrived at eight o'clock. Even though the wedding was not long, the getting ready and taking pictures part took a long time. We didn't get home until 1:30.

The reception was at 4:30, and because my van keys got lost, (our only set) I arrived 30 minutes late when I was supposed to have been an hour early. I had a good time, mainly because I got to hang out with my friends Justin, Cecilia, Barbie and Chris. I also saw Dawn, Carlo, Jessica and Brandon, and Sena and Aaron. My favorite aunt (on my dad's side) Kelli was there with her hot husband, so that made me really glad. I'm also really glad they have moved down here (San Dimas), and we are planning on hanging out as soon as my school is officially over (this coming Wednesday). I will post some pictures that my favorite aunt (on my mom's side) Janet took.

Pictures from the WeddingCollapse )