May 15th, 2006


A time to link.

Hey, today I am link-girl.

Ever wonder what would happen if all of the bad guys of the universe and all of the good guys in the universe got together for one gigantic ultimate showdown? Now you don't have to wonder anymore. [Thanks, ddh]

There are more pictures of my sister's big day here. I helped my mom make this for her mom for Mothers' Day. That's why it says "Happy Mothers' Day" at the top. (On a grammar snob note, I am wondering if I am using the' correctly. Because the day belongs to multiple mothers, I assume that "mothers" is plural, and thus the apostrophe goes after the "mothers." However, I don't see it used the way I do it anywhere else.)

Unrelatedly, Have you saved the Internet, lately? This is a petition to keep the Internet usable by the masses. I really don't understand why there is actually a bill to change the Internet and make it crappy for everyone, but apparently my representative, Mary Bono (widow of former singer and politician Sonny Bono), thinks it's a good idea. RAGE!

Also, you can see the best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed, complete with shirt tearing, knife licking, gratuitous shirtless kung fu fighters, and a girl with a broken arm who saves the day by whipping a towel. (Also, there is a little bit of poking out of the eyes towards the end, so keep that in mind; it's nothing incredibly gory but might be disturbing for small children.)

Right now, there is a disturbance in the force at my house. My dad decided to put the van I use in the driveway, and move the not working vehicles (they are also unregistered) on the street. Well, two of our cars got towed today, and we found out it costs $190 per car to get them back, and $40 every single day we don't get them back. This is probably the worst time something like this could have happened to us, because we are completely broke because of my sister's wedding. So broke, in fact, that we aren't even buying groceries like we would normally do. It's a sad, sad day.