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Yesterday, I was extremely thirsty. I think I must have consumed a gallon and a half of water.

Wednesday night, my friend Charity came over and we watched Galaxy Quest, which she had never seen for some bizarre reason. It was good times. I also showed her Ninjai, which she liked.

I am completely and totally digging Red Hot Chili Peppers's latest album Stadium Arcadium. I have been listening to it for the past couple of days nonstop. ::loves:: Seriously, I think it is their best work ever. ::highly recommends::

I was very happy about the CW upfronts. I have to make my viewing schedule! ::is giddy with joy::

I am also working hard on my web site update. I'm hoping to put online later today, but we'll see.

Grades. Yay!?
Well, I guess I was worrying without cause. My grades for last semester look like:

Literary Criticism: A-
Intro to Linguistics: A
British Literature I: A-
K-12 Writing: A
Global Women Writers: A-

My GPA for the semester: 3.82
This brings my overall Cal State GPA to 3.85
My overall GPA: 3.65

Really, I can't complain. Even though I want to. Just because my Cal State GPA went from a 3.93 to a 3.85. And I shouldn't complain. It was my worst semester yet. However, for being so stressed out, missing two entire weeks of school, turning my work in late, not doing the work at Kim-levels of excellence, and being distracted by my sister's wedding, it is incredibly good; all my grades start with the right letter. I don't really need to complain, right? So, yay?