June 6th, 2006


Seaworld, etc.

I have been pretty busy. Saturday was my birthday party. I was concerned that no one was going to make it, as the first guests arrived 45 minutes late. Anyhow, it was a pretty cool party, even though not too many people came. Seth, Robert and Will gave me a coupon for free Chinese night, which was very thoughtful of them. (Chinese night (est. Summer 2005) is where my guests and I eat Chinese food and watch or listen to authentic Chinese pop music/music videos.) My friend Jennifer hooked me up with a Best Buy gift card, and my friend Michael gave me a Darth Maul transformer. Sena & Aaron brought me some awesome seashell necklaces. My new friend Alyse came, and brought over Tyler, who is very nice.

Sunday was just as busy for me. I taught the young single adult women, and it was a full house. Now that it is summertime, I am more into socializing with the people at my church because I can actually hang out with them during the week if I wanted to. During school time? Not so much.

Yesterday, I took my mom to Seaworld. It was me, her and my sister Katelynne who all went. I think it was a really great time, although my dad tells me that Mom did not have a good time. We got there around noon, and the Park closed at 6 PM. First, we watched the new Shamu show, which did not totally impress me. I think that they are getting used to the new show, though. I think it might have been one of the very first times they have performed the show. The four rotating LCD screens were pretty groovy, though.

After that, we saw the sea stars (my mom and sister got to hold them), and then saw Aquarium de la Mer. I didn't see a lot of the aquarium, because I went to save our seats for the Cirque de la Mer show. I was very happy to get a really awesome seat, and the performance was almost exactly like last year's, with a few exceptions. This year, instead of two guys doing handstands on top of each other's hands, it was a boy and girl duo, which is a little less creepy, but they don't do as cool of tricks. They also didn't have the swing thing working for the day (where they stand on a gigantic swing and do flips into the ocean). I asked one of the performers after the show what was up with that, and he said it was just technical difficulties. So, when I go again on Thursday, that will be working.

After the show, we booked it over to Pets Rule, the animal show that my sister likes so much. On our way, we saw flamingos and seals. We ate our lunch as we waited for the show to begin. The animal show was exactly the same except the announcer was a woman instead of a dude. I know they must switch off. Also, yesterday, the sea lion show was closed, which was sort of disappointing.

After Pets Rule, we saw the puffins and the Magellanic Penguins (the main penguin exhibit is still closed). Then, we went to see the wild Arctic exhibit. The good news was that the beluga whales exhibit was reopened, but the bad news was that the walruses were nowhere in sight. The polar bears were cute, even if they were napping. Also, there was this giant new play toy thing in the polar bear exhibit. I don't know how they would play with it, though, because it is kind of out of reach, even for polar bears.

By this time, it was four o'clock, so we decided to go pet the dolphins. That was pretty fun. Then, we went on the sky tower ride for a 360 degree panoramic view of San Diego and Seaworld. That is very neat. While we were up there, my mom told me she wanted to see the Clydesdale horses next, which was sort of perfect, since they were having an interaction time right as we got there. They got to pet one of these beautiful animals. We also saw the new baby Clydesdale, which was incredibly adorable. Then, my mom and sister went on the Journey to Atlantis roller coaster ride. I got them to the front of the line, so I would not have to wait too long. Also, the Commerson's dolphins, which are usually on display at this ride were blocked off for some reason. After the ride, we decided to go see the bat rays and eels. My mom and sister got to pet some bat rays which were really slimy due to their outer coating of mucus. The eels were creepy as always, but I really like them.

The last two things we did were go to the freshwater aquarium (especially to see the transparent fishes), and see the manatees. My mom was really glad she got to see those because they really are majestic. Then, on our way home, we got Panda Express in San Marcos. It was a pretty good day.

When I go again on Thursday, that is also going to rule. I'm going to tell Kellie (who I'm going with) that we have to get there early. I'm also going to go again on Saturday (my birthday!) with my friend Charity.

I leave on vacation on Monday, June 12, and I will be gone all the way until June 21. So far, the Summer has gone by too fast! At this rate, comic con will be here in the blink of an eye!