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My fast fast computer.
My dad just got me 2GB of RAM for my birthday, and now my computer has 3GB. My computer is so smokin' fast, and I am so very VERY happy. Before, it took about two minutes before my computer would start recognizing me in the morning. So, imagine yourself trying to move your mouse or type something into the computer and just waiting, staring at the screen for 120 seconds until something happened. That was the story of my life before. Now, it is lightspeed fast.

I am very happy about this. In bad news, though, it looks like I'm not going to Seaworld today. My little sister Katelynne's eighth grade promotion is today, and now my sister Kellie is mad at me. Believe me, I want to be a Seaworld watching Shamu just as much as she does, but unfortunately these type of "life events" only happen once.

So, I am a little bit bummed right now. Both because I'm not going to Seaworld, and because Kellie is mad at me.