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Birthday + trip
So, Saturday I had a great time at Sea world with my awesome friend Charity. It was a great way to spend my 26th birthday. I am slightly sunburnt, but I didn't reapply my SPF 50 sunscreen, which is probably why. I'm 26!

Meanwhile, I am watching much Grey's Anatomy. Last night, I finished watching the 17th episode of season two. Only 11 more to go!

We are supposed to have left for Utah by now, but we are running late. This means we probably won't arrive until probably 2:00 AM Utah time. I will be gone from today until the 21st. I will have limited Internet access until that time, woe. However, I will be having a good time in the Utah. Justin is going to be there, and I will be able to see Cecilia, and it is my grandpa's 80th birthday, and my sister's second wedding reception. Plus, they have boss thrift stores, and that always makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had a great one!