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Recent adventures.
I went to Seaworld on Tuesday with my Aunt Kelli and her husband Kyle.

I spent the majority of Wednesday afternoon and evening at a drum corps international event in Newbury Park which is pretty close to Pasadena, and it took us three hours to drive there.

I will update more about my adventures later.

Seaworld, DCI, Supernatural + bad news.
So, Seaworld on Tuesday was very excellent. We actually didn't arrive until two o'clock, but we still managed to see a lot of attractions and shows: Cirque De La Mer, Shamu, Sea Lion Show, Dolphin Show, Sea Stars, bat rays & eels, sky tower ride, seals, otters, sea turtles, and sharks. Kelli and Kyle wanted to leave at around 8:30, but my sister KeriAnn came to meet us and we all rode the sky tower together. Then, Kelli and Kyle took KeriAnn's car while we stayed to see Shamu, Riptide (dancing, gymnastics and drumming), and fireworks. It was an awesome day. Seaworld really is awesome.

Yesterday, KeriAnn, Katelynne and I went up to Newbury Park, California to see a DCI event. We didn't leave soon enough, so we arrived about 30 minutes late. That did not stop us from getting the only seat I could have had anyway. (Let me just say, briefly, that being wheelchair-bound does not annoy me a lot of time -- most of the time, even -- but the "accessible" seating at this event made me very sad to be in a wheelchair.) It was basically a platform that was maybe 2 ft. off of the ground off to both sides of the regular stadium bleacher seats. My view was very bad. Other than that, the show was most enjoyable. We took Katelynne in order to get her excited for her own marching band experience. Afterwards, KeriAnn bought her some marching band gear -- trumpet T-shirts, trumpet necklace, bracelet and pin.

I'm chilling for now. My neck is hurting so badly. My friend Charity is coming over tonight, though. That should rock. We are probably going to watch either Mean Girls, Get Over It, or Never Been Kissed, all of which she has never seen.

I have not heard back from the head of the literature and writing department about my independent study class. I'm hoping to make it into that really bad.

I also watched an episode of Supernatural which I had never seen for some bizarre reason: "Route 666." I download it on my computer the first week in March, and had never watched it. Anyhow, I am making Justin watch all of the episodes before he leaves to Budapest in 10 days. Wow, it is almost July. That's crazy!

In other news that really sucks, my grandma is in the hospital with pneumonia. Kristine's best friend Meghan is also in the hospital, but because of a car accident. I hope that they both get better really fast.